Living the Good Life


This project provides practical information to landholders across the agricultural floodplains. As farming systems and populations change, there are a growing number of small or hobby farms being established throughout the Agricultural floodplains. This growing lifestyle choice has generated a need for increased information and support to landholders to ensure their land is managed sustainably.

This project brings together new and existing small landholders to gain valuable skills and knowledge (with a hands on approach) and enable them access to resources that will encourage them to be responsible and make their properties more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Skills learned can be put into practice on individual properties, and participants learn how to work in groups to achieve positive outcomes giving them confidence to go out and volunteer with others.

This projects aims to teach the wider community by example, that Landcare is not only for large landholders, but also those on small acreage and changes to land management can make a difference to the environment and sustainability.

Each year there are a series of workshops focusing on issues which small landholders in a peri-urban environment might face.

Some of our most popular workshops include Pruning, Trees for Mum and our annual Bush Picnic with new sessions sourced each year. If you have a suggestion for an event then please contact the office to discuss.

Skilled professionals deliver the workshops and will make them accessible to all landholders.

We aim to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Information and advice for new landholders
  • Improved animal welfare
  • More trees in the landscape
  • Improved water quality
  • Increased awareness of environmental issues
  • Improved networking between landholders and GMLN
  • Increased bird and other wildlife populations
  • Improved soil quality
  • Improved water quality
  • Reduced weed and pest animal populations
  • A more informed community