Linking Landscapes and Communities

Linking Landscapes and Communities

Enhancing Grey Box Grassy Woodlands

The Linking Landscapes and Communities project works with landowners, community groups, Traditional Owners and scientists to improve the condition of the threatened Grey Box Grassy Woodlands and Derived Native Grasslands vegetation communities.

Grey Box Grassy Woodlands are an important natural environment. They provide habitat for a variety of species including the nationally threatened swift parrot, regent honeyeater, turnip copperburr and small purple-pea. Derived Native Grasslands are areas where the Grey Box trees and associated shrubs have been removed, but the native grasses remain.

The greatest loss of biodiversity occurs on agricultural land, however, it is recognised that landholders cannot reverse this decline alone. Linking Landscapes provides incentives so landholders can receive payments to help carry out this important work.

The project will deliver
• Revegetation.
• Pest plant and animal control.
• Fencing to manage stock access.
• Community education.

To be eligible for funding through Linking Landscapes, sites need to:
• Be in the project zone (see white areaon map).
• Preferably contain existing remnantvegetation (trees, shrubs, grasses).
• Be of significant natural value, or havethe potential to be of value through theability to link patches of vegetation.
• Be larger than 2 hectares.
• Be 40 metres or wider if a corridor.
• Be signed up to a 10-year managementagreement through the GoulburnBroken CMA.

Linking Landscapes will provide incentives to eligible landholders to carry out this important work. To express your interest, please complete the form on the flyer (See link below) or contact Carolena Helderman for more information on 0408 618 204 or email

EOI Form: